Franzia—Yes, That Franzia—And Overtone Are Collaborating on A New Hair Color Kit

The new boxed Coloring Conditioner Kit is the ultimate fall blend.

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All shades of red hair have been having a moment over the past few years—from barely-there strawberry blonde, to natural auburn and sultry maroon. Celebrities ranging from the likes of models like Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowsi to celebs with edgier style like Megan Fox and Julia Fox have all taken the color out for at least a trial run (some longer than others). So, it was only a matter of time before wine-colored hair would have a moment in the spotlight, as well. Rosé, cabernet, and burgundy are all posed to be equally beautiful shades for hair color as they are for beverages. To kick off the impending movement, today wine brand Franzia and hair color brand oVertone are releasing the official collab for wine and fun hair color lovers.

Normally drinking and hair dye are not recommended mix, but this new collaboration of wine-inspired hues is the exception. The unexpected pairing brings us limited edition oVertone Coloring Conditioner kits, each with two 8 oz. jars of coloring conditioners inspired by the delicate pink hue of Franzia’s favorite Sunset Blush and the bold garnet color of Franzia Chillable Red. While you don’t have to be a wine-lover to enjoy the new colors, you also don’t have to make any real commitment to your new blush or red hue. Both conditioners are temporary, making them the perfect opportunity to try a new color for fall even if you don’t want to take it into winter.

The Sunset Blush kit pairs Pastel Purple and Rose Gold Coloring Conditioners, for those with lighter starting hair color shades. The Chillable Red kit features Extreme Red and Extreme Purple Coloring Conditioners, suitable for light to medium brown starting hair colors. You can blend the colorful conditioners to create Both kits create the perfect Franzia-inspired shade and, like the wine, pair well with good franz, fun hangs and memories. Best of all, the colors are totally temporary, treating you to a commitment-free makeover that, for those of legal drinking age, pairs perfectly with a glass of wine.

With strawberry makeup trending and Hailey Bieber bringing out an espresso-tinted lip balm last week, it’s clear the beauty industry’s love affair with food-themed beauty products is spilling over into the drinks space. If it’s wine-colored hair you want, you can purchase the kits on the oVertone and Franzia websites from today, while supplies last.

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