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Golde Debuts Super-Ades, Its First Ingestible Supplement

Designed to debloat, destress, and deliver a hydrating glow to the skin.

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Making the world of wellness more accessible, inclusive, and easier to understand has been at the core of of Golde's mission since it launched in 2017. The superfood-loving, community-centric brand has grown significantly over the years, landing on the virtual and real life shelves of Sephora, Nordstrom, and niche boutiques across the country. Now, on January 26, Golde hit a major milestone, announcing its first major mass market partnership with Target — and launching a new product category with it.

The small business will be joining Target both online and in-store at 460 Target locations nationwide, and introduced Super-Ades, its latest product category, as part of its launch with the retailer. Available in three concern-focused formulas and flavors — blueberry Distress Ade, pineapple Debloat Ade, and watermelon Skin Hydration Ade — the Super-Ades are Golde's first-ever ingestible supplements, offered in the form of powder packets that dissolve easily and immediately into cold water. Each box contains 6 single-serving stick packs for $15.

While the brand isn't new to the ingestible category as a whole, having launched with its now-wildly popular Turmeric Latte Blend, Super-Ades present a new opportunity for the brand to amplify and educate on the power and benefits behind the superfoods they've long credited.

"The product roadmap is definitely an evolution," Trinity Mouzon Wofford, co-founder & CEO of Golde, shared with NYLON over email, noting the brand leverages a lot of community feedback when it comes to product development. "Given the ritualistic nature of our other products, we were excited to create a product that [was] truly effortless. A lot of the 'just add water' wellness powders are packed with unnatural ingredients, so we were excited to bring Golde's superfood-powered lens to the category with the Super-Ades."

Like its latte blends, Golde launched Super-Ades with three flavors intentionally, as Mouzon Wofford noted that three gives the brand enough "range to test the concept out across multiple flavor profiles and benefit stories," and consumers enough options to find one that works for them. When it came to actual development, the brand used community feedback to determine which wellness benefits to cater to — destress, debloat, skin hydration — and turned those into products that are not only easy to use, but that taste good, too. If you've been turned off in the past by chalky, medicinal-tasting powder drink supplements, allow Super-Ades to change your mind.

Issey Kobori/Golde

"The flavors were a mix of what we knew would be super crave-able and what was functional — Debloat Ade is pineapple flavor because we're using real pineapple enzymes and pineapple juice to support gut health," Mouzon Wofford shared of the process. "My favorite thing about the Super-Ades is that they combine real superfoods with scientifically-proven active ingredients (like magnesium in Destress Ade or hyaluronic acid in Skin Hydration), so you're really getting the best of both worlds."

All three flavors are formulated with real coconut water and fruit juices, along with a slew of antioxidants and probiotics, and are vegan with no added sugars.

In addition to the Super-Ades — which sold out within minutes on Golde's website — the brand's Superfood Latte Blends and face masks will be available online at

"We're so excited to be bringing the Super-Ades to life on shelf at Target," said Mouzon Wofford. "Inclusivity and accessibility are 100 percent our mission in wellness, and getting the products in front of new customers across the country is really thrilling and affirming for us as a small business."

Shop Golde on Target online, and in-store at 460 locations, mapped out here.

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