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The 7 Biggest Hair Trends Of Summer 2024

Sky-high volume, platinum blonde shades, flippy ends, and more.

If spring sets the stage, then summer is when the performance really begins.

For every wedding, concert, beach weekend, or birthday party that’s on your schedule, you’re also going to need a look that’s just right for the occasion. And what better way to let everyone know you’re ready for all the fun and festivities summer has to offer than a new haircut, color, or ’do? Consider lobbing all your hair off or whipping out the bleach for a total transformation. Or try a one-night-only look that gives your hair a completely new vibe, using little more than some strong hair gel or mousse. Below, we’ve rounded up the seven hottest hair trends that are going to rule the season — there’s bound to be one you can’t wait to try.

The New Wet Look

Sydney SweeneyVariety/Variety/Getty Images
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Kelsea BalleriniKevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
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The hard-gelled, sleek, and shiny version of the wet look is out, and a softer, more organic style has taken its place. As seen on Sydney Sweeney and Kelsea Ballerini, the new wet look is less about looking drenched and more about looking gently tousled by ocean wind and waves. If you can still see natural hair texture and movement, you’re doing it right.

Shoulder-Skimming Bobs

Gigi HadidGotham/GC Images/Getty Images
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If you’re itching to chop off all your hair, it’s no doubt been at least in part influenced by the wave of new bobs sweeping Hollywood. One by one, young starlets have been starting the season fresh with hair skimming (or completely clearing) the shoulders. The best part about this cut is not only does it work for every hair type, but you can also change up the look on your own by styling it with a new part or texture.

Side-Slicked Bangs

Yara ShahidiRiver Callaway/WWD/Getty Images
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Ice SpiceSteve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images
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Along with the long-pushed-aside side part, side bangs are coming back in a big way. When worn neat and high-shine, they make every hairstyle look more formal and intentional, whether the lengths are pulled up and back into a bun or hang loose.

Icy Platinum

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Dixie D’AmelioCourtesy of Dimitris Giannetos
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It’s conventional that people go lighter with their hair color in the sunnier months, but usually, that just means adding some subtle face-framing highlights. But this summer, the best new blonde is bright, icy, and rebellious. Warm tones will never go out of style for summer, but if you’re looking to stand out, try going cooler.

Pumped-Up Volume

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Horse-girl beauty is officially a thing, thanks to the cowgirl reinventions of Beyoncé and Bella Hadid. But to embrace the style without looking too “home on the range,” just give your hair a zhuzh of verticality. Simply apply a volumizing spray or mousse throughout towel-dried hair, and then blow dry upside down to add serious height before finishing the rest of your styling.

Flirty Flips

ZendayaDaniele Venturelli/WireImage/Getty Images
Meredith DuxburyGilbert Flores/WWD/Getty Images
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Zendaya’s half-up bouffant with curled-up ends at a recent Challengers photocall confirms that preppy, 2000s hair flips are on-trend for summer (or at least tennis season). Curling hair out or under adds bounce for an extra feminine and flirty feel.

Super-Long Bangs

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We’ve been seeing the macro-bang trend on the rise ever since Paris Fashion Week, and it looks like everyone still has yet to go for a trim. Long, eyelash-skimming fringe gives any haircut another layer or versatility — the extra length makes it easy to wear the bangs blunt and long, center-parted like curtain bangs, or even hidden and pinned into the rest of your hair.