Alyssa Greenberg


Sophie Thatcher Gets Ready For Coach's Fall 2024 Show

And tells NYLON what it was like working with her childhood crush.

Chopped-off ballgowns. Thrashed leather. School crests. Coach’s recent Fall/Winter 2024 show, which took place at the James B. Duke mansion on the Upper East Side, had all the house’s pedigreed-party-girl codes — with a bit of a rock ‘n’ attitude, brought by Sophie Thatcher.

Ahead, NYLON tags along as the Yellowjackets actress and musician gets ready to sit front row with a Pret croissant, Thom Yorke, and a bit of intel on what it was like shooting with her childhood crush Hugh Grant.

Describe your getting-ready process.

Alyssa Greenberg

I got ready at 1 Hotel Central Park around 11 a.m. I had a beautiful view of the Park from my window. I’m never in this neighborhood, so it’s a nice change of pace. There’s a Pret across the street from me so I got a croissant and coffee. Sucks not having them in L.A.

What are you listening to or watching?

Alyssa Greenberg

I was watching South Park last night when I couldn’t sleep, and it was the Radiohead episode so I was chatting about the new Smile record with my team. I started playing Lush after that to brighten the mood.

Describe your look for the show, including fashion and makeup.

Alyssa Greenberg

My look is a bit like sophisticated and tasteful lingerie with a twist. There are these beautiful flowers attached to the end of my see-through dress. I feel very sexy and elegant. We wanted to keep a smoky eye for this look and have clean, 1960s hair.

What's your earliest memory of Coach?

I’ve gone through two vintage ‘90s Coach purses inherited from my mom. One of them lasted me six years and was a part of me. I kept my entire life in there. So Coach has always been with me to some extent.

What were your highlights from the show?

Alyssa Greenberg

I loved all the avant-garde bows on the dresses. And the location was incredible! I had never been inside anywhere like that in New York. It all felt very regal. All the different renditions of “Moon River” had me really emotional — it’s one of my favorite songs.

What can you tell us about the solo music you'll be releasing soon?

I’ve been in the studio messing around with songs for a while. I still don’t know whether to call it ambient music or not. It’s a bit more on the noisy sound at points, but it could be a lot of things, which is exciting for me!

You've spoken about shooting an A24 movie with Hugh Grant, who you had a childhood crush on. What was it like working with him?

Alyssa Greenberg

Hugh was far more down-to-earth than I expected. I actually didn’t really know what to expect. But meeting him, he was immediately honest and vulnerable and a very smart guy to work with. It was pretty surreal.