Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction In Taurus 2024


How This Planetary Connection Will Bring Change & Chaos To Your Sign

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction’s upheaval makes way for reinvention.

April 21 is set to be the most intense day of 2024’s astrological calendar as Jupiter and Uranus form a powerful conjunction in Taurus. This specific collision of planetary archetypes — expansion (Jupiter) and progress (Uranus) — goes down every 14 years and hasn’t hit Taurus since 1941. On a global level, is this a culmination to a cycle of intense upheaval, a pyrrhic new beginning, or both? How should you channel these volatile — and spectacularly creative — forces in the scope of your chart? Ahead, find your guide to this high-stakes cosmic convergence.


Jupiter’s tarot card correspondences are the Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man. One represents the game of fate and the great jackpot you stand to win; the second is the avatar of wisdom earned through sacrifice. Jupiter’s lightning empowers all it strikes, which can inspire one to come into mastery — or slide into delusions of grandeur. Uranus corresponds to the Fool and the Tower. With a leap into the open horizon, the Fool launches the tarot. Bringing thunder down to topple a monolith, the Tower ends all that has come before for the sake of a new beginning.

A Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a time of lightning. Movements come to breaking points and new ideas and inventions are catalyzed. Oppressive forces take big swings. The last conjunction in 2010 in Aries coincided with the Arab Spring, the Occupy movements, WikiLeaks, and the launch of SpaceX. These are boiling points, climaxes in the larger saga unfolding. Taurus is the sign of money, value, and embodiment. This is the domain of fertility and sexual power, signifiers which give us a sense of worth, as well as despots who indulge these gifts to the point of tyrannical narcissism.


Though Uranus and Jupiter collide every 14 years, their last embrace in Taurus came in 1941, the year that saw the debut of Wonder Woman and Rosie the Riveter — ideas made into active and vivid icons. Now in 2024, new and immortal symbols will emerge. The chaos magic of Jupiter and Uranus allows us to act as Prometheus bringing fire to the mortals. After many years of discourse in the intellectual sphere, something tangible needs to take form. Now is the time to bring whatever has been in the ether to this mortal coil. What is something you and your cohort are engaged in that you’re not seeing out in the world? Stop deriding the institutions that have failed you. Make something new.

Over the 1858 conjunction in Taurus, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace debuted the theory of evolution, and Darwin completed On the Origin of Species. In Taurus, Uranus is the harbinger of technological leaps, here to change our conception of what it means to be human. Though the conversations around AI and genome editing will likely take jagged leaps over this 2024 transit, it always comes back to the same basic questions: Are human beings on this planet living in dignity? Are you being paid fairly? Do you have agency over your body? All Jupiter-Uranus transits bring these questions to the fore.


On a personal level, look to make something out of all the madness. On the dark side of Taurus, the worst technocrats and autocrats are already manipulating these forces of change to their gain. In your case, it’s more about shaping these electric currents into something. Keep the Tower in mind, and remember: the bolt of thunder will destroy anything that cannot contain it. Seek out those vessels of strength and support — communities or institutions that can bear the heat — so that you can build something real. To study the planets is to face the maelstrom wending its way over the horizon, and to accept that the twister may blast the barn sky-high. Step into the storm and embrace the crackling flash. Abandon old expectations. See what you can form out of the chaos.