March 2024 Horoscope By David Odyssey


Your March 2024 Horoscope Is Pure Catharsis

With a spring equinox and the launch of eclipse season, anything is possible.

You’ve got to love the spring equinox, if only for the holidays. As light and dark come into perfect balance on March 19, celebrations of revivification go down around the world. March 10 marks the launch of Ramadan, a month-long observance of piety and passion; Nowruz begins on the 19th, and brings with it fire, singing, and merriment; on March 23, Jews don costumes to celebrate Purim and the victory of queen Esther, the bad b*tch who employed craft and cleverness to save us from utter annihilation; March 25 launches Holi, the Hindu holiday of light, color and the triumph of good over evil; and finally, the month ends with Easter, on March 31, a rejoicing of resurrection and the fruitful reproduction of bunny rabbits.

Timed with the equinox and the advent of Aries season on March 19, these holidays pull us out of dissociation and into vivid consciousness and community. The dark months are coming to an end. To ready yourself for the Aries rebirth to come, double down on Piscean healing. Take the new moon in Pisces on the 10th to look back on the last six months, or the last year, and honor how far you’ve come, and what you’d like to release — or take with you — as the astrological new year begins.

Though Aries season is all about action and embodiment, Venus will be entering Pisces on March 11, followed by Mars on the 22nd. On a physical level, you should seek out means of somatic release going into April. Often, the spring thaw surfaces frozen fear, pain, and grief, just as the light brings us to life. It’s all good, so long as you can dance with the past and present. Dig into any spiritual or creative modes of processing — and employ the holidays to move these big feelings along — so that you can embrace the cathartic splendor of spring.

March 25 marks the launch of eclipse season, with a penumbral — or partially shadowed — lunar eclipse in Libra. The “big one” hits April 8 with a total solar eclipse in Aries. Libra reconciles the independence of Aries within a larger social mainframe: What must we do to belong? This eclipse season will raise questions of compromise, complacency, and even corruption, as we consider the ways we have bent our morals and dreams to fit in or keep others happy. What would it take to return to yourself, your community, and your values? There’s enough optimism and possibility this month to make any change possible. How would you like to start over?

Though horoscopes apply to sun signs, we suggest reading those for your rising, too.



Eclipse season begins on March 25 with a penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra in your seventh house of others. It all builds up to the “big one,” the total solar eclipse in your home sign on April 8. These eclipses will hit at the core, dredging up feelings and awakenings in the arena of relationships. Keep in mind that Venus and Mars will be in Pisces, in your 12th house of the unprocessed, where they’ll explore your secret desires and repressed grief. Do whatever you need to do to go deep — art, ritual, time alone — so that you can express these interior changes. Eclipses are always a time of revelation; pay attention to what’s been cooking under the surface for you to find what’s ready to be brought into the light.


In your 11th house of community and audience, Saturn in Pisces has asked questions of belonging: Who are your people? What defense mechanisms are you ready to drop, so that you can find your place? What is the right social arena for you? As Venus and Mars cross through Pisces, they give you the confidence to claim space. You’re looking for a creative cohort who can recognize your genius and won’t force you to compromise. Confront your projected ideas of rejection and volunteer yourself to be engaged and of service. This is a definitive point of progress in your social makeover.


March promises to be a thrilling career chapter for you as the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars cruise through Pisces in your 10th house of grand ambitions. Along the way, they’ll cross paths with Saturn (limits) and Neptune (blurred boundaries). You’re learning a lot about how to stay in your lane and to make your dreams come true without burning yourself out. Consider what lessons you’ve learned and what structures and buffers are necessary to keep yourself grounded. This is a massive moment of expansion. Figure out how to take care of yourself through it.


The advent of spring on March 19 promises optimism as the sun, Venus, and Mars move through Pisces in your ninth house of expanding horizons. Here, they’ll encounter Saturn, who is teaching you lessons about the strategies and vision required to make your dream come true. What do you need to learn to advance in your field? Whose approval do you need? How can you get it? You have everything you need to push past the old blockades set in your head.


Pisces season goes down in your eighth house of metamorphosis, a crossroads in the chart where we relinquish previous roles and open ourselves up to a bigger calling than what we’d considered for ourselves. In March, you’ll reflect on how your relationships — and the part you play in them — have kept you limited. Check in on how your ambitions have changed and what kind of partnerships will serve your expanding worldview. Some relationships may have to be phased out so that new ones may come in, serving a vaster and more multitudinous new you.


The lovers Venus and Mars enter Pisces this month in your seventh house of others, and on March 19, Aries season sets off your eighth house of sexuality. As the personal planets move through Pisces, they’ll engage with Neptune (delusions) and Saturn (limits), making you aware of how you can be your own worst enemy when it comes to relationships. When it comes to dating, how does fantasy have a way of overtaking reality? You should be out and meeting people — just make sure you’re keeping track of your needs and limits.


Eclipse season launches on March 25 with a penumbral lunar eclipse in your home sign, followed by the much-discussed total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8. This will unleash some high-stakes awakenings concerning selfhood and expression. To make sure you can process all the subterranean changes rising to the surface, engage in as much somatic processing as possible. With the personal planets in Pisces, in your sixth house of the body, you’re best served opening the channels through physical activity so that the volcanic changes within have a release valve.


The Libra eclipse on March 25 hits your 12th house of the underworld. Whatever awakenings may come, your best means of dealing are in the domestic and the creative as the personal planets cruise through Aquarius (fourth house of home) and Pisces (fifth house of embodied expression). Do a deep spring clean or whatever you can to move what’s coming, so that it doesn’t feel stagnant or overwhelming. Use your home and the art you make there to bring these internal changes to the fore.


This month, squares between Venus and Mars in Aquarius (third house of daily life) and Uranus in Taurus (sixth house of the body and boundaries) put the focus on the tangible. How are you honoring your routines that support and sustain you? What changes need to be made in your diet and exercise to make you feel more clear and confident? Take the new moon in Pisces on March 10, in your fourth house of home and roots, to ground your consciousness in your domain and daily habits. This will be the source of the great and powerful changes to affect the rest of your chart.


Eclipse season begins on March 25 and hits your 10th house of career and fourth house of roots and family. The revelations to come will concern your sense of belonging and ambition, so the best way to deal is to beef up your ritual life and routine. With the personal planets moving through Pisces, in your third house of daily life, it’s likely that you’ll tap into your highest consciousness while washing a dish. The big-picture changes are coming. Don’t try to rush them. Instead, find tangible ways to be active in the present and physical so that the right gates can open for you along the way.


With the personal planets in Aquarius, in your first house of self, and in Pisces, in your second house of earning and self-worth, it’s a good time to make moves. Ask for a raise and launch those projects that have been cooking for a while. Take the new moon in Pisces on March 10 to fire off on all your dreams. With the Libra eclipse on the 25th hitting your ninth house of expanding horizons, you may face closed doors or fallen institutions in your career path. Don’t let it slow you down. You have enough personal momentum to blast yourself through anything, no matter what’s going on with the bigger scene.


A new moon hits your home sign on March 10. The next day, Venus enters Pisces, followed by Mars on the 22nd. This is a time of clarity and action, bringing all that you’ve processed to the surface. As the personal planets move through Pisces, they’ll cross Saturn (accountability) and Neptune (delusion), inspiring confrontations with the ways you self-sabotage. Nothing will stop the forward propulsion you’re feeling right now. Pay attention to where you need some structure to stay true to yourself.