Nylon Nights

Charlotte De Witte's Playlist Just Might Change Your Mind About Techno

“It’s breathwork in a techno jacket.”

Going out? Need a playlist? Then NYLON’s NYLON Nights playlist is here for you. Each month we invite a guest DJ to curate an exclusive playlist that will keep you going from pre- to post-game. For April 2024, techno giant Charlotte de Witte crafts her ideal all-night set.

Techno DJ Charlotte de Witte has graced stages around the globe from Tomorrowland to Primavera Sound, but she’s still surprised when she’s asked to play a massive outdoor music festivals. She admits it’s not the easiest genre to like: “It’s a bit of an acquired taste” she says. But if her busy schedule is any indication, the dark and bassy genre is experiencing a major resurgence in the mainstream that’s now led her to one of the biggest stages in the world — Coachella. On Saturday, April 13, the 31-year-old will take over the Mojave stage to bring out a set — with lights, projectors and a production team of 20 — that she describes as “a party.” “If you can feel like you're standing in a giant warehouse even though you're outside,” she says, “That's the feeling that we want.”

On the eve of her show — and the release of her new song “ROAR” — de Witte put together a playlist of what she interprets to be the hallmark of genre: an all-night set, or a selectively curated flow of songs designed to keep you dancing from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. in a dark warehouse. It’s a vibe that represents what her “influence is in techno music,” she says, and features a “wide bouquet” of songs from ambient to more hardcore. The huge variety is the point — to dispel the idea that techno is a one-note art. “[It’s there to] make you dance,” she says. Dive in to her playlist below, and read on for de Witte’s commentary about each of her picks.

“Adri” - Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio

A very weird, spooky, haunting ambient track. If the floor is filling up at the very beginning of the night, this would be the kind of track I would play.

“Infold” - Quelza

Same here but this track is more vocal/spoken word based. It’s quite creepy and will definitely attract your attention.

“Parola” - Donato Dozzy, Anna Caragnano

One of the greatest tracks ever made. Very slow, very trippy. Those vocals absolutely take you away. Big love for Donato Dozzy for creating this masterpiece.

“You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos” - Sebastian Mullaert

Mullaert really knows how to take people on a trip. This is also the perfect track to play at home after or before a party. It just sets a certain mood.

“Contemplar Lo Natural” - Ryogo Yamamori & Ivana

A beautiful 129 BPM techno track with a lot of love on details. A magical combination of FX and vocal elements.

“In Your Body” - Cosmin TRG

I have loved this track ever since it came out. It’s breathwork in a techno jacket and the result is so stunning.

“Resuscitation Hymn” - David James Drume

Wow wow wow. This one. Deep, rolling and magical with those ancient vocals. I love these kind of tracks.

“Meridians” - Charlotte de Witte

Another very hypnotising track that I absolutely loved making. Alice Evermoor provided the beautiful vocals you can hear on the track. I always really enjoy playing this track in longer sets.

“High Street” - Charlotte de Witte

High Street has been one of the most fun tracks to play in my sets and psy trance legend Astrix provided a masterpiece of a remix.

“Wind Breaker” - Airod

Functional techno like only Airod can make it. Works every time.

“The Ritual” - Mac Declos

A proper techno banger from Mac Declos. This one just got released and will be in my playlist for a long time.

“Gayatri” - Relativ

We take a jump into the realm of psy trance with this amazing track from Relativ. The vocal fillers before the drop get me every time.

“Amuleto” - Giulio Franceschelli, Franz F

I have been particularly enjoying to play this crazy acid banger lately. This track doesn’t make any sense but is so, so good.

“Endgame” - Raël

Love love love this track. Not hard, but fast, and just the perfect combination of elements.

“Records” - Csiki

At the end, I can go a bit crazy.. This track is 175 BPM, mega powerful, and deserves to be played on a big soundsystem.